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Get Comprehensive Rat Control Services in Kolkata

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Rats and mice that peeps inside the premises, spread harmful microbes and viruses. At Royal Management Services, our Rat Control Services in Kolkata helps to make your premises free from rats and mice, and its adverse effects.


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    The rats can thrive under various conditions and usually found around building, home, garden and fields. So to keep those areas free from the adverse effects caused by the rodents, our Rodent Management Service assist a lot.

    What Makes Royal Rodent Management Service Exclusive?

    At Royal Management Services, we facilitate our clients to get rid of problems cause by the rats and mice. Our Rodent Management Service in Kolkata deal with various rodent control methods, depending on the circumstances concerned.

    The methods we use can be summarized as:

    • Trapping by Rat Glue Boards: Trapping the rodents with the help of ‘Rat Glue Boards’ is one of the most abundantly used technique of our Rodent Management Service. Usually, eatable like peanut butter is used as a bait on the glue boards. This allures the rat and traps it on the glue board.
    • Poison Baiting: At Royal Management Services, we often use poison baits to trap and kill the rats. The baits are highly toxic in nature, and depending on the nature of action, our Rodent Management Service deals with two types of poison baits –
      a) Single dose anti coagulants, which act as rapid action poison bait.
      b) Multi dose anti coagulants, which acts as a slow action poison bait.

      Handling and application of poison baits need professional applicators, at which our team is expertise at. Also our Rodent Management Service strictly adhere to the norms of the Central Insecticide Board (CIB) and only use products approved by the same.
    • Fumigation of Burrows: Our Rat Control Services in Kolkata often deals with this special technique. At first the burrows are identified, along with all the other openings. The main hole is kept opened and the rests are sealed. Fumigant mists are gushed inside the sealed chamber. Aluminum Phosphide is one of the most commonly used fumigant.
    • Torpedo Baiting: Our Rodent Management Services in Kolkata often uses the process of torpedo baiting where the rodents are subjected to feed on a poison bait without any way to escape. The openings of the burrows are then sealed. As a result, the rats trapped inside are forced to feed on the poison bait, and once it is consumed, the rodents die eventually.

    Thus by application of the mentioned methods, our Rodent Management Service facilitates to eliminate the rats and mice from creating adverse effects.

    Why Should You Go for Royal Rodent Pest Control Services?

    At Royal Management Services, we always recommend our Rat control services in Kolkata to waive out the harmful effects caused by the creatures.
    The adverse effects caused by the rodents include:

    • The rodents carry harmful microbes and infest them to contaminate foods, resulting in deadly health hazards.
    •  They destroy crops and cereal grains and incurs huge loss.
    • The rodents can cause infestation and infection of deadly pathogen inside human body by biting and gnawing.
    •  The rodents transmit parasites and diseases to other animals.

    Hence, it is highly essential to keep your premises free from rodents. And our Rodent Management Service facilitate to assist you in the same.

    Benefits of Our Rat Control Services in Kolkata

    At Royal Management Services, our Rat control services in Kolkata comes with a lot of benefits:

    •  Our rodent control methods are cost effective.
    • The process of application is absolutely seamless and hassle free.
    • The chemicals we use are certified by Central Insecticide Board (CIB).
    • Our rodent control service acts as a long term solution, and executed by professional experts.

    So what are you waiting for? Avail our Rat control services in Kolkata today, and get rid of the adverse effects of the same in a jiffy.

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