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House Keeping and Cleaning services is an indispensable part of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, of residential as well as commercial workplaces.
Usually these services are required at frequent intervals, and sometimes on daily basis as well. So a dedicated workforce is the primary requirement for providing an over all, comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the premises.


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    At ‘Royal Management Services’, we are backed by our dedicated team of professionals capable of implementing and executing house keeping and allied services, on frequent intervals, as per the need of the client or situation.

    Uses and Applications

    •  Widely and frequently used in cleaning destined areas of commercial places like, stairs, floor, staircases and other common premises where the cumulative daily footfall is larger than other areas.
    •  A commercial or business place often involves a parking space as well. And it is quintessential to clean the parking space, at least once a week.
    • Hospitality and Health Care units like, Hospitals, Nursing Home, Resorts, Hotels etc. bear the risk of contagious outbreak via pathogens. So, proper house keeping and cleaning services at needful intervals are essential.
    • Common restrooms and public toilets need cleaning services as well, on regular basis, to maintain proper hygiene.

    Why Us?

    • At ‘Royal Management Services’, our team is backed by a team of dedicated and professional experts capable of planning, designing and implementing house keeping and cleaning solutions.
    •  Requisite number of persons are assigned for differentiated services for an assignment. The hiring process is fast and cost effective.
    • All the consumables required for the purpose are provided by us.
    •  Collection of garbage is conducted once in a day from every apartment, and dumped in the garbage yard
    • To cater to the need of the client, in an effective way, we have a well structured working schedule of 8 hours for our team, with half an hour lunch or tiffin break.
    •  Discipline is something that we strictly adhere to while being a part of the entire team.
      That’s the reason, all our house keeping staffs attend their duty in proper uniform.
      While on duty, they too bear an identity card provided by the organization.
    • As the requirement for services vary from client to client, our team interacts and do the needful analysis to understand the requirement. Once the customizations are done, according to the requirement, the services are implemented accordingly.
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