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The Most Proficient & Reliable Garden Maintenance Team in Kolkata

Royal Management Kolkata is one of the trusted and professional garden maintenance service providers that work in both homes and offices. We offer gardening services in all over Kolkata that are meticulously executed under the supervision of landscape experts with 15+ years of experience.


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    Royal Kolkata provides expert gardeners who are well-versed in the field of gardening services. Such as aeration, feeding, mowing, cutting, and removing waste grass, as well as using the most up-to-date techniques and gear.

    Our gardening solutions in Kolkata are in charge of grounds upkeep, ensuring that all gardens, flowerbeds, lawns, greenhouses, trees, vegetable plots, shrubs, and bushes are healthy and well-maintained.

    We are in charge of ordering the goods and equipment needed for the upkeep of the property grounds.

    What we offer in our Gardening Services in Kolkata:

    • We propose making a weekly routine for watering the plants with our best home gardening services. It is critical to water the plants thoroughly and deeply in order for them to develop a healthy root system.
    • We identify and develop a pest control strategy to reduce the population of bad or harmful bugs while promoting healthy habitats for beneficial insects.
    • Weeds are an unavoidable nuisance of any garden, exposed during the planting process or blown in from neighboring yards. Weeding is especially important early in the season because it reduces competition for nutrients, scarce water, and space.
    • While most people have retired for the winter, we can set up mini hoop tunnels, row covers, cold frames, and hobby greenhouses to keep the garden producing.
    • Planting in succession guarantees that yields are staggered throughout the growing season. While having an abundance of fruit is excellent, it’s much better if we can enjoy the same amount throughout the season.

    Why Choose Our Garden Maintenance Services?

    • Royal Kolkata has a large database of high-quality professional gardeners in many Kolkata locations offering high-end home gardening care, some of whom have specialized skills such as organic gardening, design and landscaping, historic garden restoration, and so on, allowing them to provide professional gardening services for both homes and businesses.
    • We engage skilled gardeners who are knowledgeable in a variety of gardening techniques such as aeration, feeding, mowing, cutting, and eliminating waste grass, as well as the most up-to-date approaches.
    • We ensure that our garden maintenance services in Kolkata are highly experienced with a good eye for color and professional knowledge in the care of flora and fauna because the gardening trade plays an essential part in how neighborhoods and private properties appear, as well as the state of leisure places.
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