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Get a Pest-Free Living with Our Termite Control Services in Kolkata

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If your home enables with wooden furniture, chances are there that it may get infected with termites. However, at Royal Pest Management, our Termite Control Services in Kolkata assist you to protect your home for termite infestation.


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    Your wooden furniture and fixtures are the main target area of the termites to infest. So, once you get any sign of such infestation, it is high time, you should contact Royal Management Services, to avail the best of the Termite Treatment in Kolkata.

    What Makes our Termite Treatment in Kolkata Special?

    At Royal Management Services, we are dedicated to gift you a life free from termites. Our Termite Treatment in Kolkata is exclusive in its own way. We follow and execute a variety of methods in anti termite treatment in Kolkata to help you get rid of those bugs from your place.

    • Liquid Barrier Method: At Royal Business Management, our Termite treatment in Kolkata includes this unique method of application of liquid barrier. A specialized liquid called Taurus SC is applied with a trench, and digging a hole in the ground. It eventually increases the chances of destroying the entire colony of the termites.
    • Poison Baiting: While executing our termite treatment procedure, we often opt for Poison Baiting. In This method, a poison bait is used to attract the termites. Once the termite consumes the bait, it brings the poison back to the colony and destroys it eventually.
    • Direct Application of Chemical: We often consider direct application of fumigants at the site of infestation.  This process too is less time consuming and cost effective. Also it lasts for more than a month and happens to be a long term solution.

    Detect the Right Time to Avail our Termite Treatment in Kolkata

    At Royal Management Services, our Termite Treatment in Kolkata ensures to remove every speck of termites from your place in a jiffy. Once your home is infested with termites, it is high time to get a termite treatment done.

    The Key Symptoms Are

    • Window panes and other indoor places of your home will reveal the presence of Swarmers (Infesting termites). Even the presence of Swarmers outside the premises should not be neglected.
    • Termites have a tendency to discard their wings. So the presence of discarded wings, also indicate termite infestation at your place.
    • The infestation can also be detected with hollow and rotten wood at your place. Especially if the wood exudes a thudding sound on beaten up, it should be examined for termite infestation.
    • If your premises show mud tubes or indicate soil mounds, your place is definitely infested by termites, and need a cleanup.

    And once your place is detected with the fellow symptoms, it indeed calls for our Termite treatment in Kolkata to get rid of it.

    Why Should You Go for Royal Termite Control Services in Kolkata

    Once your premises are identified with the symptoms of termite infestation, you should definitely opt for our experts for the Termite Control Services in KolkataWhy?

    • Termites inflict severe damage to your furniture and fixtures. Our anti termite treatment extorts these bugs direct from the root.
    • These bugs never limit themselves to a restricted premise and inflict infestation gradually in other parts of your premises. Get them remove from your premises at once with our termite control service in Kolkata
    •  Termites can penetrate through soils, buildings and any sort of construction material, eventually causing severe damage to your properties. Royal anti termite treatment in buildings are essential for these cases.
    •  Trees and other domestic fixtures that are associated with soil may suffer from huge damage, once infested by termites. Royal termite control Kolkata can help you get out of this terrifying situation.

    Benefits of Choosing Royal Termite Control Services

    At Royal Management Services, our Termite treatment in Kolkata comes with a plethora of benefits:

    • Our procedures are cost effective.
    • The implementation of our techniques consume least time.
    • We use certified products that are free from environmental hazards.
    • The process of application is seamless and hassle free.
    •  Our techniques act as a long term solution, once applied.

    So what are you waiting for? Avail our Termite Control Services in Kolkata and gift yourself, a termite free home and a healthy ambiance to live. Also bid adieu to all sort of health hazards with our termite control solutions.

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