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General Pest Control Services in Kolkata

general pest management

Apart from the major pest related issues, what General Pest Management Services include are the problems related to Spiders, House Moths, Millipedes, Centipedes, and Cockroaches. These pests require a special treatment and charges are done accordingly.
A general pest control needs to be executed annually, and in certain problematic cases, on half yearly intervals, for a pest free, hygienic home.


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    Why Us?

    At ‘Royal Management Services’, our General Pest Management Services include:

    • Though it is recommended to remove any food, water and eatables before application of the spray, the spray that is used is not harmful to humankind and absolutely environment friendly.
      However it is advisable to cover any aquariums nearby, as the spray bears toxic effects on fish.
    •  Unless there is a bad infestation of German Cockroaches, no alterations and changes like emptying the cupboards and shelves, are essential, before the pest controller arrives and the operation is conducted.
    • While shifting to a new home, it is advisable to get all the spray works done before to ensure a complete cleaning, before getting the furniture and other home appliances inside. At ‘Royal Management Services’, we ensure a completely safe, hygienic and pest free home before you step inside.
    • Being a residual treatment, the general spray kills any pest that comes in contact. However, the victims that get in touch with the residue, don’t die instantly, they become sick and die later on.
    •  The operation is absolutely easy and hassle free and lasts up to a year.
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