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Cost Effective Wood Borer Control Services in Kolkata

wood borer management

A wood borer’s life cycle consists of four stages – Egg, Larvae, Pupae and Adult.
The adult wood borers usually lay eggs on wooden surfaces and timber furniture and other wood products.
As soon as the larvae is hatched, they start feeding on the wood as that’s the only source of food available. Slowly, they start penetrating deep inside the wood by tunneling and continue to feed on the wood for years.
On maturity, the larvae increases in size ane tend to bore towards the surface to pupate, and ultimately emerge as adults.
And the cycle continues.

Signs to identify presence of Wood Borer

  • Presence of round and oval shaped fresh holes with sharp edges on the timber.
  •  Tunnels will be visible in the wood
  •  Visible frass or bore dust, usually created by the adult beetles, found beneath the surface of      the infested wood.
  •  Weak, damaged and severely affected wood parts like floorboard or arms of a chair.
  •  Visibility of crumbled wood, around the edges and corners of the wood furnitures.
  •  Dead beetles near the infested timber, or windowsills is one of the pivotal identifying feature.
  •  Emerging of adult beetles from the timber.
  •  Though difficult to spot with naked eye, eggs are found on wood surfaces. The eggs vary in   size depending on the beetle.
  •  Larvae can be spotted, and identified by creamy white color and curved shape.

Why Us?

Wood Borer Management Service is an expert’s job involving extensive inspection. We at ‘Royal Management Services’ ensures a complete three sixty degree solution to eliminate the wood borers from the root.
Our services include:

  • Wood preservative chemicals are injected through the holes made by the wood borer, once they are identified. It helps to combat the wood borer infestation inside the furniture.
  • To prevent further damage, a petroleum based chemical is also sprayed on the affected areas.
  • Our Wood Borer Management Service ensures that the pests will be eliminated completely within a couple of weeks, approximately within seven to fifteen days. Unlike the run of the mill repellants, our exclusive treatment is a permanent solution to the problem. It eliminates the wood borers from the root, than mere repelling.
  • After the service is done, if any flaw or issues are noticed within the contract and the warranty period, We promise to get it done by our technicians at no extra cost.
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