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Most Trusted Sanitization Services for Your Safety in Kolkata

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Sanitization services is highly recommended by CDC and WHO to stay safe in COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. That is why staying indoors is not enough now, getting proper sanitization services in Kolkata is also important for each and every domestic and commercial property.

Get Professional Sanitization Services:

While the world is going through such a serious situation where people are dealing with life and death on a daily basis, you must not take up the task of sanitizing yourself or leave it to an amateur. As you have no idea what kind of tool or what type of products would be most effective. Only highly experienced home sanitization services in Kolkata have the proper knowledge and expertise.

Why Choose Us:

Because we are regarded as the most efficient sanitation management company in Kolkata. We take our job seriously. Especially, in this pandemic our motto is to offer you the best possible sanitization services to keep you and your family safe.

  • We are offering services to residential and commercial spaces, Hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare centers, public places and so on.
  • We use environment friendly products and advanced tools to offer you the best sanitization solution.
  • Our experienced team makes sure you get 100% satisfactory services so that you call us every time you need sanitization.
  • You can call us in any emergency situation and we will be present within an hour or less.
  • We are also offering emergency protection services against COVID for those premises who require sanitization as they have Coronavirus patient in quarantine.
  • We have handles 100+ clients across Kolkata and therefore we have sufficient experience to understand your needs and demands.
  • We are most affordable in sanitization services in Kolkata as we care more for people and less for money.
  • We want to build trust and a long-term relationship with each of our clients so that they can choose us with confidence.

We are committed to offer you the best sanitization services in Kolkata in a faster, safer and simpler way.

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Maintaining COVID-19 Guidelines:

We are maintaining WHO and CDC guidelines strictly. We are also making sure that the service providers are upholding all rules and regulations with similar seriousness.

  • We are ensuring to offer you a contactless service maintaining proper social distancing.
  • All our cleaning personnel are daily checked for body temperature and oxygen level.
  • We are ensuring that our team goes through vaccination process before providing on-call services.
  • They are also properly trained for the pandemic outbreak by wearing gloves, eye goggles, shoe cover, PPE kit, and use sanitizers before entering any premises.

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