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Don’t Become the Foolish Tom to Catch Clever Jerrys – Take Professional Help

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No matter how old we are, most of us still love to watch the world-famous cartoon, Tom & Jerry. It teaches us one thing, how many times you try, you can never be as clever as Jerry and catch him. Though that’s quite amusing in cartoon, in real life it’s pretty much frustrating. Because, rodents can not only cause health risks, they can even damage your property significantly. Therefore, you should be smart to get rid of rat infestation as soon as possible to save yourself and your property as well.

Professionals Will Give You Better Results:

You should consider hiring professional rodent management service in Kolkata as they can also cause house fire and diminish your quality of life in no time. They can also spread harmful viruses and microbes that can be a threat to your health. They are not only seen in houses; they can also be found the corporate premises.

Different Methods to Fight Against Rodent Infestation:

Expert companies offer several effective methods in their rodent pest control services to get rid of this issue.

1. Mouse Traps: There are many different mouse traps that are used by these companies for fast results.

  • Glue or Sticky Trap: Glue trap is one of the classic ways to catch them and it is very effective too.
  • Snap Trap: Snap traps are the most traditional kinds that include bar trap, clam trap and hidden kill snap trap.
  • Electric Trap: Nowadays, electric traps are pretty famous, but it kills the rats and mice instantly and therefore, some people avoid this technique.
  • Live Catch Trap: It catches the mice or rodents live in a cage. That is also pretty effective and it does not kill them for which you can set them free elsewhere where they should be.

2. Poison Baiting: Poison baiting are also quite effective which kills the rats instantly. There are 2 ways of poison baiting that includes single dose anti coagulants, and double dose anti coagulants.

3. Burrow Fumigation: This is a special technique for which experts need to find out the burrows and all openings. Then they use fumigant mists like aluminum phosphide to the sealed chambers to prevent the rat manifestation.

4. Torpedo Baiting: This bait is also popular in which the rats have to feed on a poison bait without a way to escape. This method is also used by professionals nationally and internationally.

When you contact rat control services they will assess the nature of the rodent infestation of your space and after the full assessment they will create a customized plan they suits your requirement properly and saves you a lot of money. Contact the Royal Management Services or call them at Toll Free: 18008917209 and know why their rodent management service is so much well-known and trusted by many people of Kolkata.

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