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Professional Anti-Termite Treatment 101: Types, Advantages & More

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The anti termite treatment in Kolkata is a chemical technique that provides a chemical barrier against underground termites before and after construction work is completed.

This method is used to establish a chemical barrier against underground termites in masonry, wood, soil, and electrical fixtures.

Soil treatment is given to a building during the early phases of building construction with the aid of termite control services Kolkata, and it provides the building with a chemical barrier against underground termites.

There are two forms of anti-termite therapy: pre-construction anti-termite treatment and post-construction anti-termite treatment.

Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment:

The bottom and side surfaces of the foundation trenches and pits need to be treated with an anti-termite chemical, up to a height of around 30cm for the foundation excavation. At 15 cm intervals, holes of 30 cm depth are dug, and an emulsion of the right concentration is created by adding water to the chemical. This emulsion should be put into the holes and sprayed over the surface using pressure pumps and sprayers.

Advantages of Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment:

  • When compared to post-construction treatment, the processes involved in pre-construction treatment are fewer and less expensive.
  • The number of barriers is lower in the case of pre-construction anti-termite treatment.
  • Pre-construction termite treatment in Kolkata is advised to eradicate the termite infestation from its source.

Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment:

This treatment is usually performed after the building has been completed and consists of reusing termiticides in the soil surrounding the foundation. It also treats the flooring of rooms for termite control by drilling holes under the floors and filling them with chemicals. This treatment is given to existing structures that have previously been affected by termites. In the event of a major attack, the soil around and beneath the structure is coated with a chemical emulsion. The termite-damaged woodwork can be replaced with fresh timber brushed in this procedure using an oil or kerosene-based chemical emulsion.

Advantages of Anti-Termite Treatment:

This termite control services Kolkata have the following benefits:

  • It has the potential to persist for several years.
  • Professional termite treatment prevents gaps from developing in the protective barrier.
  • Liquid termiticides are less costly than other types of termite treatment.
  • It protects any structure against termites, rats, and pests right away.
  • It helps in safeguarding constructions and keeps people safe.

Safety Measures of Anti-Termite Treatment:

  • All works must adhere to the safety procedures or instructions outlined in the project safety plan as well as the municipality’s rules and regulations.
  • All employees or workers must wear basic PPE.
  • Before accessing the facility, all operatives must be initiated.

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