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Professional housekeeping services is not only essential for house cleaning, it is very much essential for corporate spaces and public places like staircases, locker rooms, restrooms and so on. These services are not only necessary for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, in the new normal situation it is very important to keep viruses like Coronavirus at bay.

Services Provided by Housekeeping Service Agencies:

There are many different types of residential and commercial housekeeping services in kolkata provided by trusted cleaning companies with decades of cleaning experiences. They offer you customized solutions only after assessing what kind of cleaning you might require in your space so that you can save money and get best results.

Basic Cleaning: All housekeeping service provider in kolkata offers basic cleaning services that includes all the rooms of the property and if you have a rented property, you can avail their service every time you change your tenants. This offers your new tenant a safe move in the new normal situation. Even commercial spaces can avail this service on a regular basis.

Deep Cleaning: This is more comprehensive service that includes vacuuming upholstery, cleaning all cabinets, fan blades, polishing woods and so on. This is best suited for commercial spaces and even residential spaces can get a deep cleaning once in a while.

Green Cleaning: Eco-friendly cleaning applications are now pretty popular and it offers products that are non-toxic and environment friendly. Most products are either odorless or have natural odor. They do not harm human or pet health anyway.

Carpet, Upholstery, Mattress Cleaning: All housekeeping company in kolkata offers these services with special treatment that do not damage the carpet, upholstery or mattress. Many hospitality businesses require this service on a frequent basis. Different offer can be found in these services for the aid of the customers.

Window Cleaning: Window cleaning is very essential to maximize the life span of the windows. Many cleaning service providers offer efficient doors and windows cleaning services in Kolkata.

Office Cleaning: Office cleaning services come as a package deal with regular cleaning team for the safety of the employees. The expert team makes sure that all the premises are cleaned and disinfected properly every day to ensure the safety of the public health.

Only a few companies in Kolkata are credible enough for their professional and guaranteed outcomes in housekeeping services. One of such companies is Royal Kolkata which is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offer special customized cleaning solutions to their Kolkata clients. They offer affordable guaranteed results and fast solutions for housekeeping and makes sure that their clients are 100% satisfied after each service. Learn more about their cleaning services and expertise. Contact them anytime through phone or email provided in the link.


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